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     Elion Industry

Green Economy

time:2012-06-21 11:32:38

Natural Pharmacy

    For anti-sand greening, Elion has been using an “economical” way: to plant liquorice that can well grow in the desert as the major plant for anti-sand greening. Liquorice, as a sand-and-draught medicinal plant, can both prevent sand and serve the Chinese medicine industry.Liquorice is a magical plant. As early as over 2,000 years ago, it had been used by Chinese as a health maintenance material. The “Liangwai Region Liquorice” growing in Kubuqi Desert was recorded in the earliest pharmacopeia of China “Compendium of Materia Medica”, honored as “King of All Medicines”. This medicine is also one of the most drought-resistant crops. In addition to liquorice, Elion planting technicians found precious herbs like cynomorium songaricum and desert cistanche, which can be planted in large scales in the desert. After two decades of development, Elion Resources Group has possessed a liquorice base of a business scale of nearly 5billion yuan, as well as the earliest traditional Chinese pharmaceutical factory and Mongolian medicine factory, and a long-standing plant medicine distribution company. It’s a natural pharmaceutical group that possesses complete industrial chains, rarely found in China.

Desert Green Energy

    By relying on desert resources, Elion turned desert disadvantages into advantages by investing over 100billion yuan (about 17billion USD) to develop desert green energy industry. Since 2011, the group has introduced the integrative, intensive and clustered development mode of circular economy, strove to develop bio-energy, built up about 2000 square kilometers of carbon sink forests and took in CO2 alga breeding technology from the US to fully carbon-sink absorb the CO2 emitted from the industrial base.

Desert Tourism

    Relying on natural desert landscapes and the green space created in the last more than 20 years, Elion managed to develop desert tourist industry. In the central region of Kubuqi Desert, unique resorts were built up, including Kubuqi Desert Seven Star Lakes Hotel, Desert Museum and World Sand Plant Park that collected over 500 endangered sand plants on the earth.

Modern Husbandry in Desert

    Based on the principle of “more lighting, less watering, high technology and high benefit”, Elion introduced advanced technologies from abroad like Israel, turning the desert into fertile farmland and developing green and intensive modern plantation and cultivation industry in the desert, thus creating great material wealth for the humans as well as providing job opportunities and business starting chances for the local farmers and herdsmen.

Desert Ecological Town

    To make civilians in the desert area, who suffered from poverty for generations, live and work in peace and contentment, and to make desert industrial workers live as well as urban residents, Elion is planning to construct a low-carbon town for 100,000 people in Kubuqi Desert, integrating culture, tourism, business, medical service, education, ecology and residence. This is also the long-cherished wish of all Elion staffs to repay its hometown.